CfP: Cultural innovation and an international perspectives. First Arts Management Student Conference

On the occasion of the first Arts Management Student Conference (AMSC), 100-150 students from the disciplines of Culture and Arts Management from different European countries will gather in Hamburg to discuss the cultural landscape of tomorrow and exchange experiences and practices of arts management studies. The AMSC will take place 19. - 21. January 2018 for the first time. Input on the issue "Utopias for the Cultural Landscape of Tomorrow" from international keynote speakers from the academic and practical field will enrich the discussions. Individual contributions, proposals for discussion and panel sessions, workshops, and other experimental formats can be submitted ntil the 31st of October. 

"Utopias for the cultural landscape of tomorrow. Cultural Innovation and an International Perspective on Arts Management"

What power lies within the next generation of cultural managers? What is the influence of cultural management on the future of Europe? What is your utopia for the European cultural landscape?

Culture is the glue of the European Union, the soft power that unites the community of the member states beyond financial and economic interests. European culture is rather diverse for its relatively small territory, and even though this can be seen as an asset, it involves many difficulties as well. This is especially relevant for players in arts management; national differences in law, funding structurescal, and artistic style are immense. The divergent views and impressions on which we will focus at the first Arts Management Student Conference (AMSC) can help us with questions and challenges in our own territories.

The AMSC addresses two main fields: cultural innovation and an international perspective on arts management. Cultural innovation often emerges in the context of internationalization. On one hand, artists find inspiration for creativity in their work by experiencing diverse cultures. On the other hand, innovation in the management processes of cultural organizations is often a combination of the experiences of the managers‘ own organizations, and from outside influences.

Topics that can be addressed in the field of an international perspective are, for example, the challenges that cultural organizations encounter with regards to internationalization: firstly, in terms of international cooperation, and secondly, internationalization caused by migratory movements, especially in Europe.

Cultural innovation and an international perspective cannot be divided. Rather, they converge. Prime examples of cultural innovation are innovative developments in the organizational structure or leadership, in the creative process (crowdsourcing), in the funding process (crowdfunding), and innovation through digitalization.

All topics mentioned above are meant to serve as inspiration. The AMSC is open to ideas and proposals that are related in any way to Cultural Innovation and an International Perspective on Arts Management.


Diverse backgrounds, culturally-influenced ideas, and divergent practices are essential to the foundation of cultural innovation. The AMSC, therefore, aims to raise awareness of the importance of international cooperation, as well as to provide the opportunity to develop a vision for the future of Europe's cultural landscape – eventually having an impact on decision making. 

Students are able to offer numerous ideas and methods for their fields of interest. Therefore, their contribution is essential to the success of the conference. We are especially eager to hear about practices stemming from different cultures: ideas and practices that seem common or ordinary in one country are unique and useful to others from elsewhere.

Individual contributions, proposals for discussion and panel sessions, workshops, and other experimental formats can be submitted to the AMSC.

All proposals should describe topic and format, as well as their implementation within the conference. They should also include a one-page decription of each participant‘s vision of the cultural landscape of tomorrow. Our aim is to collect and publish the contributions and hand them to the European Commission as a proposition for the future of the European cultural landscape.

The conference’s official language is English. Deadline: October 31, 2017.

Submissions should be sent to:

The conference will also leave space to talk, discuss and exchange knowledge and to strengthen the network of the participants all over Europe. 

Organisational information

The conference takes place at the University of Music and Theatre, Hamburg. Harvestehuder Weg 12, 20148 Hamburg. The founders and the organizational team are students of the Institute of Arts and Media Management (KMM).

Transport and accommodation: The conference organisers are currently seeking funding for travel and accommodation expenses. All suggestions regarding transport and financing throughout Europe are welcome.

The participation fee is 30 €. This funds all planning and resource funding.

In the week before the AMSC, the 11th Annual Conference of the Association for Arts Management takes place in Hamburg. The two conferences will merge: Friday, January 19 is the last day of this particular conference and the first day of the AMSC. Therefore, on the 19th, there will only be the kick-off and information opening of the AMSC.

All information regarding the AMSC can be found on the conference website: 

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