Research on the situation of workplace bullying in the cultural sector

Anne-Marie Quigg, author of Bullying in the Arts and The Handbook of Dealing with Workplace Bullying, and her co-author Piers Jackson are asking for feedback from people who have experienced workplace bullying in the cultural sector, how it has affected them and how, if at all, they managed to deal with it. To their knowledge there has been no further research on the subject in the sector since the publication of Anne-Marie's first book in 2011. It thus would be helpful to get an update on what may, or may not, have changed.

Diva, Prima Donna, Maestro, Virtuoso: creative geniuses with the ability to deliver artistic excellence. However this perception can serve to tilt the balance of power in relationships and to substantiate the notion of artistic temperament; the Master is always right and the Diva must have her way. The artistic genius may be hell to work with but the end result (the art) is exceptional, so behaviour deemed unacceptable in normal circumstances must be tolerated. If the corporate culture in the arts is in thrall to the concept of the artistic genius, then across the various disciplines within the creative sector the prevailing mentality may be subscribing to a set of values that allows, even directly encourages, behaviour and employment conditions that are abusive.

Anne-Marie Quigg is writing a chapter for a new book on workplace bullying in a number of employment sectors for US publisher Springer. She and co-author Piers Jackson will be reviewing the cultural sector in relation to the issue.

Therefore they are interested in the feedback from people, who have been targets, those have been the subject of a complaint or allegation, and those in management who have had to deal with a bullying situation.

Any information, including information that could make case studies, can be mailed to

Every information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and if work proceeds on case studies real names are never used and organisations where events occurred are disguised to ensure protection of the individual.

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Submitted by editor-in-chief on May 15, 2017